Pork of SaJoBe Farm

SaJoBe Farms has grown to pride itself on its breeding lines and building each generation to a more vigorous health, a more ideal body type, and a more savory plate.

Berkshire Sow - Goldie

Berkshire Sow – Goldie

 With their swine they use the hybrid vigor response to crossbreeding purebred heritage breed Berkshires with its Grade A-1 meat marbling and the same prolific purebred Yorkshire breed blood line that the farm started with back in 1998.

Continuously working on selecting the ideal boar to breed to their sows to composite a finished market hog with the longest frame (bacon), the largest loin eye (chops), and the meatiest hams and shoulders with just right amount of cover (fat).

Crossing multiple very diverse purebred lines also causes hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor has the characteristics of a very fast growth rate, high fertility, and is less susceptible to deceases.

Landrace Sow - Lauren

Landrace Sow – Lauren


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